Suryakumar Yadav got angry after seeing this player in the team bus, and showed his finger!


The Indian team recently played a three-match T20 series against South Africa. This series remained equal to 1-1. Suryakumar Yadav scored a brilliant century in the last match of this series. Suryakumar was the captain of Team India in this series. Now Team India is going to be busy preparing for the ODI series. The ODI series is starting from Sunday. However, before this series, a video of Suryakumar is going viral on social media. In this video, Suryakumar is seen very angry at his teammate on the bus.

The first match of the T20 series could not be played due to rain. South Africa had won in the second match. The third match was in the name of India. Suryakumar was captaining Team India for the second time. Earlier, he had captained the team in the five-match T20 series played against Australia in India. India won this series by 4-1.

In this viral video, Suryakumar boards the bus and then talks to someone while smiling. As soon as he moves forward a little, his eyes fall on Arshdeep. Suryakumar's mood changes after seeing Arshdeep and he looks angry. He points his finger at them and says something angrily. After saying something for a while, he moves ahead. If we watch the video initially, it is not clear whom Suryakumar is getting angry, but as Suryakumar moves ahead in the video, it becomes clear that he is getting angry at Arshdeep Singh. After this, Suryakumar goes ahead and sits on the seat behind Arshdeep Singh's seat.

Suryakumar had played an inning of 100 runs in the last T20 match played against South Africa. This was Suryakumar's fourth century in T20. With this, Suryakumar has equalled Rohit Sharma and Australia's Glenn Maxwell. Rohit and Maxwell have four centuries each in T20. Now Suryakumar has also reached his level and in terms of scoring most centuries in T20 International, Rohit has become equal to Maxwell at number one.