Sri Lanka Cricket Board suspended, major action taken after team's disappointing performance in World Cup!


PC: tv9hindi

The poor performance of the Sri Lankan cricket team in the 2023 World Cup is not hidden from anyone. The effects of the team's disappointing performance are now visible. In response to this, the Sports Ministry of Sri Lanka has taken important action. He has suspended the Sri Lanka Cricket Board with immediate effect. This means that whatever happens to the players will happen later, but at the moment the officials are facing trouble. Sri Lanka's Sports Minister, Roshan Ranasinghe, has suspended the cricket board and formed an interim committee to oversee its operations, which will be headed by Arjuna Ranatunga, who led Sri Lanka to victory in the 1996 World Cup.

The interim committee includes five other persons, including former High Court and Supreme Court judges. The Sri Lankan Sports Minister has formed this interim committee to manage the affairs of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board for the time being.

The sudden suspension of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board can be attributed to the poor performance of the team in the ongoing ICC tournament in India. Sri Lanka's performance in this tournament has been very disappointing. The team has played seven matches so far and won only two. In other words, they have lost five matches. Apart from this, his net run rate is also negative. With these statistics, the Sri Lankan team is currently ranked 7th in the mega cricket competition of the top ten teams.

Sri Lanka still has two matches to play in the tournament, one against Bangladesh and the other against New Zealand. However, even if they win both these matches, they will still be able to collect a total of 8 points. This means that Sri Lanka's chances of reaching the semi-finals are already slim.

Now the cricket board itself has been suspended due to poor performance, which has shocked everyone. In such a situation, there will undoubtedly be an uproar in the country. However, as astonishing as the Sri Lankan team's performance was on the World Cup stage, perhaps no one had anticipated the cricket board's suspension.