Shaheen Afridi injures Bangladesh batsman by throwing the ball at him after getting hit for a six


Ban vs Pak Pakistan team's fast bowler Shaheen Afridi got furious when he hit a six in the second ball of the third over of the innings. After this, after playing a defensive shot on the third ball, Afridi hit the ball to Afif Hussain.

On the cricket field, there is often a war of words between bowler and batsman, wicketkeeper and batsman or batsman and fielder. If a war of words is in a limited range, then it is considered good for cricket, but when a bowler hits the ball at the batsman to take out his anger, then it is not right in any sense. There should be a competition between bat and ball, but the bowler should not hit the ball, which is what Pakistani bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi did in the T20 match against Bangladesh. Afridi got angry and hit the ball at Bangladesh batsman Afif Hossain.

In fact, during the match, Afridi hit the ball in anger towards Bangladesh batsman Afif Hossain, due to which he fell to the ground and started suffering in pain. However, Physio gave the initial treatment and he stood up again. However, in the meantime, Afridi apologized to him, but it is clear from the ball that he did it intentionally. The incident happened on the third ball of the third over of the first innings of the match, but Afridi got angry on the second ball of the same over, as Afif Hussain hit a six off Afridi's delivery and then the third ball when Afridi bowled it. Played a defensive shot in front of the stumps.

At the same time, Afridi stopped the ball in the followthrough and threw it again at Afif in anger, which hit him and he fell. Even though Afridi is claiming to have hit the ball on the stumps, it was clear from his gesture that he had deliberately hit the ball to Afif, as Afif was inside the crease while playing the shot. Shaheen Afridi is also being criticized for this. The criticism is also being made because he did not even ask the batsman about his condition. You can watch this video here.

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