Sania Mirza herself is the owner of so many crores, so will she get alimony even after divorce!


Sania Mirza herself is the owner of so many crores, so will she get alimony even after divorce!

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India's pride Sania Mirza has officially divorced Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. Shoaib Malik has married for the third time and pictures of this event are viral on social media. Amidst all this, there is a lot of discussion about the maintenance to be given to Sania Mirza after divorce. With her substantial wealth, estimated to be in the billions, questions arise about her eligibility for maintenance.

Sania Mirza has been a prominent representative in Indian tennis, having achieved notable success in her singles career and holding the highest rank as a female tennis player representing India. She has been honoured with awards like Arjuna Award, Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan. According to media reports, Sania's annual income is around Rs 25 crore and her net worth by 2022 is around Rs 2.16 billion. Shoaib Malik's current net worth is said to be Rs 2.32 billion.

Regarding Shoaib Malik's previous divorce settlement, reports suggest that he had provided around Rs 15 crore to his first wife. However, since Sania and Shoaib were married under Muslim law, Sania may be entitled to maintenance for a certain period after the divorce. According to the Lahore-based Advocate Nama website, Muslim women in Pakistan do not have the right to claim maintenance in case of divorce.

In the context of Indian law, if Sania Mirza's marriage were governed by Indian legal provisions, she could potentially seek maintenance under Section 125 of the CrPC. However, for this, she has to fulfil a condition which shows that she is not capable of earning for herself. The court will then evaluate the financial situation and living situation of both parties and determine an appropriate amount for maintenance or alimony. In cases where the wife's income is more than that of the husband, she will be obliged to provide maintenance to the husband.

It is important to note that the legal framework regarding maintenance varies between countries and is influenced by the specific laws governing marriage and divorce in each jurisdiction.