Ravindra Jadeja Controversy: Even the third umpire did not know whether Ravindra Jadeja was out or not, then why was he out?


PC: tv9hindi

In the Hyderabad Test, Ravindra Jadeja had to face the same situation as Yashasvi Jaiswal and KL Rahul. Yes, like Yashasvi and Rahul, Ravindra Jadeja also missed scoring a century in the Hyderabad Test. In the first session of the third day's play, it seemed that Ravindra Jadeja would complete his fourth Test century, but he was declared LBW on the ball of Joe Root in the 120th over. Jadeja's dismissal also became a matter of controversy.

What went wrong with Ravindra Jadeja?

First, understand how he was declared out. Ravindra Jadeja defended the ball with his front foot and during this, the ball hit his pad, after which the umpire gave him out. Jadeja immediately took the review. Replays showed that the ball had hit his bat before hitting the pad. This prompted Jadeja to use DRS. However, the third umpire could not decide whether the ball hit Jadeja's pad or bat first. The replay process continued for a long time and then finally Jadeja was given out.

Why was Jadeja given out?

The question arises that when the third umpire himself was unsure whether the ball hit Jadeja's pad or bat first, then how was he declared out? In such situations, let us tell you that often the third umpire gives the decision in favour of the on-field umpire. The on-field umpire had given Jadeja out and in this confusing situation, the third umpire agreed with the on-field umpire's decision.