'R Ashwin is not worthy of this...': Yuvraj Singh gave this statement a few months before the T20 World Cup!


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Ravichandran Ashwin, one of the most extraordinary players of his generation, has achieved remarkable success in Test cricket with his extraordinary wicket-taking ability. However, there are also critics who believe that Ashwin is not suitable for white ball cricket. Despite his performances in ODIs and T20Is, Ashwin has represented India in several World Cups in both formats. When questioned about Ashwin's white-ball career, former India all-rounder Yuvraj Singh was quick to express his opinion that the experienced spinner does not deserve a place in India's T20I and ODI teams.

During an interview with The Times of India, Yuvraj emphasized Ashwin's potential as a red-ball cricketer, but he argued that the demands of the limited overs format have made it difficult for Ashwin to excel. According to Yuvraj, Ashwin is an exceptional bowler, but his impact with the bat and in the field is less in the white ball format.

He said- "Ashwin is a great bowler, but I don't think he deserves a place in ODIs and T20s. He is very good with the ball, but what does he do with the bat? Or as a fielder? Tests In the team, yes, Yuvraj said, "He should be there. But in white-ball cricket, I don't think he deserves a place."

Both Yuvraj and Ashwin were members of the victorious Indian team that won the ODI World Cup in 2011. Ashwin has, time and again, expressed immense admiration for Yuvraj's invaluable contribution to Indian cricket, especially in light of the health crisis which he bravely endured.

During one of his YouTube videos, Ashwin candidly shared his deep shock after learning about Yuvraj's battle with cancer.

Ashwin had said- "Yuvi used to cough, and he used to cough very loudly. I thought it was the pressure of the game and he was coughing and he started coughing in the middle. Really, no one has any idea. At least in the junior section of the team he was suffering from a serious illness.

Ashwin said- "When it (the news of Yuvraj having cancer) came out, I was shocked because I did not expect someone who has recently become the player of the series, in fact, I would say, became the 'Icon of India'. That's what it really was. I think Sachin Tendulkar played an incredibly big role in Yuvraj Singh's World Cup. I call it Yuvraj Singh's World Cup because you name it, he was under center in that situation."