Premier League: Ronaldo's salary is more than three clubs, leaving behind De Gea to become number one Portugal captain


Portugal's star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo surprised the world by changing club last month. He left Italian club Juventus and moved to English Premier League club Manchester United. United had given Rs 132 crore to Juventus as a fee for this. Also, Rs 71 crore was given after the completion of the deal.


Top 5 highest-paid players in Manchester United
Players Annual Salary (in Rs. Crore) Salary per week (Rs. In Crore)
Cristiano Ronaldo 253 4.86
David De Gea 198 3.80
Jaden Sancho 185 3.55
Rafael Varan 179 3.45
Paul Pogba 153 2.95


Ronaldo's salary per week is Rs 4.86 crore
Before Ronaldo's arrival at Manchester United, his goalkeeper David De Gea was the highest-paid footballer in the club. His per week salary is around Rs 3.80 crore. However, this changed after the arrival of Ronaldo. Now Ronaldo is the highest-paid footballer in the club. Ronaldo's salary is Rs 4.86 crore per week. The Portuguese star's annual salary is more than that of three Premier League clubs.

Ronaldo's annual salary is around Rs 253 crore
Ronaldo's annual salary in Manchester United is around Rs 253 crore. At the same time, Premier League club Norwich spends about Rs 246 crore annually on the salary of its players. There are 31 players in this club. According to sports website Spottruck, the legendary club Leeds spends about Rs 182 crore every year on the salary of its players. Leeds has 25 players. At the same time, Brentford spends Rs 132 crore annually on the salary of a team of 28 players.

Ronaldo had demanded Rs 5.17 crore from City
Before coming to Manchester United, Ronaldo was also talking to the English club Manchester City. Ronaldo had demanded Rs 5.17 crore per week from the club to move to City. However, he made the cut for his old club United. Looking at Ronaldo's performance, it looks like United has spent their money in the right places.

world's highest-paid footballer
Talking about the world's highest-paid footballers, Ronaldo is also at number one in this. He overtook Lionel Messi of Argentina and Paris Saint Germain (PSG) club in this case. According to the Forbes list, the top ten earning footballers this season had a tax-tax income of $585 million, up from $570 million last year.