Pakistan will get Rs 7 crore 36 lahks after being out of the World Cup, know more!


Pakistan team has returned home after being out of World Cup 2023. But, even after being out, they will become a millionaire. Pakistani team will get crores of rupees. There is news of the Pakistani team getting Rs 7 crore 36 lakh after being out of the World Cup. These amounts are in Pakistani rupees. 7.36 crore Pakistani rupees: If we talk in Indian rupees then the amount received by Pakistan after being out of the World Cup is only 2 crore 16 lakh rupees.

4.35 crores for 4 wins

Pakistan has received Rs 4.35 crore for winning 4 matches of the World Cup, which is only Rs 1.33 crore in Indian rupees. Whereas, since the Pakistan team has been eliminated from the first round itself, it will get 1 lakh dollars from ICC for this i.e. a little more than 83 lakh rupees in Indian Rupees.

 The winning team of the World Cup will receive Rs 33.30 crore in Indian rupees from ICC as prize money. The winning team will get 33 crore Indian rupees while the runner-up team will get 16.65 crore Indian rupees as prize money.