On which pitch will the India-New Zealand semi-final be played and why is there so much ruckus, know the complete details!


The first semi-final of World Cup 2023 will be played between India and New Zealand at Wankhede Stadium. However, even before this match, a controversy has arisen regarding the pitch. 

Why the ruckus on the pitch 

 In some media reports, BCCI has been accused of changing the pitch used in the semi-finals under pressure. 

What is the claim?

It has been claimed in the Daily Mail that the India-New Zealand semi-final was earlier to be held on pitch number 7. This pitch was to be used for the first time in the World Cup. 

What is the effect of changing the pitch?

The report claims that now the India-New Zealand match is being held on pitch number 6 instead of pitch number 7. Two matches have already been played on this pitch. According to the changed pitch reports, if the semi-final match is held on pitch number 6, then it will not help the fast bowlers much, which is somehow in favour of Team India. If the India-New Zealand match was played on a fresh pitch, then obviously the Kiwi fast bowlers could have troubled the Indian batsmen. New Zealand could be fatal on a fresh pitch. These allegations of changing the pitch are serious because no domestic board can interfere in pitch-making in ICC tournaments.