Mohammed Shami said a big thing on the Ram temple and won the hearts of Ram devotees.


Shami said something that won hearts. Mohammed Shami always wins the hearts of fans with his bowling, but now he has won the hearts of all the fans with one of his words.

Shami won hearts. Mohammed Shami said such a thing at Ram temple in Ayodhya that not only Ram devotees but also people of other religions will salute him.

Big statement on Ram temple
Mohammed Shami said- If the temple is built then what is the problem in saying Jai Shri Ram, say it 1000 times.

What did Shami say? Mohammed Shami further said- If I have to say Allah-hu-Akbar, I will say it. What difference will it make?

Shami's second big thing
Mohammed Shami said that in every religion there are 5-10 people who do not like people of other religions and I have no objection to it.

Shami won hearts. Let us tell you that Mohammed Shami is currently away from the game. His injury is undergoing treatment and he may make a comeback from the IPL itself.

Shami is out of the field. Mohammed Shami was the best bowler in the World Cup. This player had taken 24 wickets in just 7 matches.