Is Mohammad Aamir going to make a comeback in the Pakistan cricket team? Click here to learn!


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The Pakistan cricket team is under investigation after the decisive 4-1 defeat against New Zealand in the T20 series. Pakistani cricket fans are demanding the return of veteran fast bowler Mohammad Amir in anticipation of the T20 World Cup. However, Aamir himself has clearly stated that there is no possibility of his returning to international cricket, saying that his cricket career is over, and there is no way for him to return.

Addressing the ongoing debate regarding his comeback, Mohammad Amir broke his silence and said, "The debate about returning to the Pakistani team is over for me. Nothing is certain in life, but returning to international cricket is now my dream." There is no question about it." It's been three years since I stepped out of international cricket and I don't think I'm making a comeback.”

It is noteworthy that Mohammad Aamir announced his retirement in 2021 citing dissatisfaction with the policies of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). At that time Aamir had accused PCB officials of misbehavior. Although Mohammad Amir hinted at reconsidering his decision if there are changes in the PCB, he later clarified that he has no intention of returning to international cricket.

Aamir's career has been surrounded by controversies. He made a sensational debut in international cricket at the age of 17 but just two years later he was caught in the fixing scandal. Aamir had to face a five-year ban due to his involvement. Despite the fixing controversy, Aamir returned to international cricket in 2016.

However, after his return, Mohammad Amir failed to repeat his initial performance. Aamir said that his body is not supporting him to play Test cricket and in 2019 he announced his retirement from Test cricket. Since then, the PCB put forward a condition that if Amir wanted to play for Pakistan, he would have to be available in all three formats, leading to a parting of ways between Amir and Pakistani cricket.