IND vs PAK: The pitch of the India-Pakistan match was changed, ICC's shocking decision, know the reason


T20 World Cup 2024: India-Pakistan will face off on June 9 and before that big news has come that the pitch to be used in this match has been changed. Why did this happen and what could be its impact? It is very important to know the answers to these questions.

Why is the pitch of the India-Pakistan match changing? (PC-AFP)

India and Pakistan are to play a match on 9 June in the T20 World Cup. Even before this match, the New York pitch has become the biggest topic. There are reports that the players are not happy with the 22-yard strip on which the India-Pakistan match is going to be held. Team India has even lodged a personal complaint about this pitch. Now according to a report, the ICC has taken a big decision to change the pitch of the India-Pakistan match. According to reports, the India-Pakistan match was to be held on the same pitch on which the match was held with Ireland but now this will not happen and the real reason for this is the behavior of the pitch.

What happened on the New York pitch?

The pitch on which the India-Ireland match was played had uneven speed and bounce. Many players were hit by the ball on their bodies. Captain Rohit Sharma had to retire hurt. Rishabh Pant was also hit by the ball on his elbow. Irish players also faced the ball on their bodies. Overall, this pitch created a sense of insecurity among the players. This is the reason why there will no longer be an India-Pakistan match on this pitch.

Pitches are made in Adelaide

The pitches being used in New York have been made in Adelaide. Drop-in pitches are being used in New York which were made in Adelaide and brought to Florida and then installed in New York. Four such pitches have been installed in New York. The big thing is that all the matches played in New York have been low-scoring. In the warm-up match between India and Bangladesh, Team India did score big but the behavior of the pitch was strange in that too. After this, Sri Lanka's team was reduced to just 77 in New York. South Africa also faced a lot of difficulty in chasing these runs.