Ind vs. Pak Asia Cup 2023: Will Pakistan beg before India? After the defeat, Babar Azam will pray for Team India's victory for this reason!


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In the context of Asia Cup Super 4, Team India performed brilliantly over Pakistan. The tremendous partnership of Virat Kohli and KL Rahul created such a storm that it became challenging for Pakistan to make a comeback. Later, Kuldeep Yadav's brilliant bowling sealed the deal. After such a defeat, the path for Pakistan is now difficult. The question arises whether India has secured a place in the final and whether will it be an India-Pakistan final. What does this mean for Pakistan's journey in the tournament?

India's path to the final?

Team India defeated Pakistan by a huge margin of 228 runs. With this victory, his run rate improved significantly. India's net run rate has reached 4.560 in just one match. In other words, with another win, it is almost certain for India to secure a place in the finals. India still has to play matches against Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. If they win any of these matches then they will reach the finals. In case these matches are affected by rain, India's reaching the final will depend on points and net run rate.

Is there a possibility of an India-Pakistan final?

The question remains whether Team India and Pakistan will face each other once again in the Asia Cup. Many people expected that these two teams would meet in the final. However, the current situation in Pakistan is uncertain. If Sri Lanka is successful in defeating India, then Pakistan will face the challenge of securing a place in the Asia Cup. This is because Pakistan's net run rate is negative after losing to India. If Sri Lanka is successful in defeating India then it will have four points and a better net run rate than Pakistan. Then, everything hinges on the result of the match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Whoever wins the match on the basis of net run rate will reach the final.

Remaining fixtures of Asia Cup:

12 September: India vs Sri Lanka

14 September: Sri Lanka vs Pakistan

15 September: Bangladesh vs India

17 September: Final

How can the India-Pakistan final happen?

After the defeat to India, Pakistan's net run rate is in minus, If Sri Lanka beats India then it will have 4 points and the net run rate will also be better. After this, only one match will be left between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, whichever team wins will go to the final on the basis of net run rate. The current net run rate is in favor of Sri Lanka, that is, if Pakistan has to reach the final at such a time, then it will have to defeat Sri Lanka by a big margin.

If these conditions are met, there is a possibility of an India-Pakistan final. The match between India and Pakistan in the Super 4 stage was held from 10 to 11 September, in which India emerged victorious with a score of 356. Virat Kohli scored 122 runs, while KL Rahul contributed 111 runs. India managed to achieve its highest-ever score in a One Day International against Pakistan. Pakistan faltered in front of the spin of Kuldeep Yadav and was out for just 128 runs.