IND vs. PAK, Asia Cup 2023: Reserve day for India-Pakistan, but will the match still be held?


PC: tv9hindi

The weather in Colombo does not seem favorable for cricket. It has become quite unexpected. Due to this unpredictability, the Asian Cricket Council has reserved one day for the India-Pakistan match to be held on September 10. Although keeping a reserve day is a sensible move, there is uncertainty about whether the match will end on September 11 or not. The cause for concern is the adverse weather conditions in Colombo during these two days. If there is heavy rain on September 10, the chances of rain on September 11 are also not minimal.

Apart from the final in the Asia Cup, a reserve day was kept only for the India-Pakistan match. This has created controversy as it is unprecedented in the history of cricket. Some people argue that this decision is against the rules of cricket. Also, the views of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh on this matter are also being criticized. However, despite the protests, a reserve day has been kept for the India-Pakistan match. 

The date of the India-Pakistan match is 10th September. According to, 90 percent rainfall is expected in Colombo on this day. The matter of concern regarding the match is that rain is expected to continue throughout the day. There is little chance of improvement in weather conditions. This means that if the India-Pakistan match is interrupted due to rain on September 10, it may not even be finished on September 11, assuming we leave it for that day.

Will the match be held on 11th September Reserve Day?

So will the match be held on 11th September i.e. Reserve Day? If we look at the weather forecast for September 11 compared to September 10, there will be some relief. Rainfall is expected to reduce significantly on September 11. This is a good sign for the match to be held on Reserve Day.

However, the weather is unpredictable, and it can change at any time. In such a situation, there is also a question of what will happen if the India-Pakistan match does not take place in these two days. In that case, the match will be abandoned, and the result will be decided on the basis of points, as was the case recently.