ICC will now implement this new rule! Problems for bowlers will increase


New rules are implemented in international cricket from time to time by ICCC. Now this organization is making preparations to take special care of time in ODI and T-20 formats. ICC is now going to implement a new rule, under which the bowling team will now be given 60 seconds to start the next over after the end of one over. 

If the bowlers do not do this three times in the innings within this stipulated time, then the batting team will be given 5 runs for free as penalty. This rule of ICC will increase the problems of bowlers. This new rule will be used on a trial basis by the ICC from December 2023 to April 2024.

Under this rule, after the end of the over, information about the completion of 60 seconds will be obtained with the help of stop clock. If the rule meets expectations during trials, it can be fully implemented in international cricket. 

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