ICC: This rule will be implemented in international cricket today, the bowling team will have to be alert


The International Cricket Council keeps implementing new rules from time to time to make the game interesting. Now ICC is going to implement a new rule in cricket. Now a new rule is going to be implemented to ensure that time is not wasted during the match.

Now the rule of stop clock has come in T20 International cricket, under which there will be a fixed time between two overs and if it is not completed, the bowling team will have to suffer loss. A stop-clock trial to limit the time between overs will begin with the T20 series between West Indies and England. ICC has given information in this regard.

This new rule of cricket will start with the first T20 International match between West Indies and England in Barbados on Tuesday. Under this rule, the bowling team has to be ready to bowl the first ball of the next over within one minute of completing the previous over. After giving two warnings in the innings, a penalty of five runs will be imposed against the fielding team for the third time.

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