ICC has now made this big change in cricket, the fielding team will now have to do this


To make cricket exciting, new rules are brought by ICC from time to time. Now a new change has taken place in cricket. ICC has changed the rules of stumping, which has been implemented from 12 December 2023.

Under this new rule of ICC, now all the decisions that players will appeal for DRS regarding stumping will be taken by looking at the side-on cameras. In this, the fielding team will have to appeal for a separate review for catch-behind.

According to the new ICC rules, decisions will no longer be taken by looking at the cameras in front and behind the stumps. In this, the decision will be taken based on whether the ball hits the stumps. Under this, if the catch behind the stumps is to be seen, then the fielding team will have to appeal to DRS separately.

ICC has issued a statement in this regard. The ICC said that under the new rules, the review of stumping will be limited to the stumps only. In such a situation, the fielding team will not get free reviews.

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