ICC CWC 2023- New Zealand is ahead of India in knock out matches, this will be the weather condition!


The clash between India and New Zealand in the first semi-final of the ODI World Cup 2023is going on right now. The match promises high stakes and intense competition. Both teams have performed commendably throughout the league matches , setting the stage for an exciting contest. However , New Zealand's previous win over India in the 2019

Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium is known for high-scoring matches , but it also presents challenges for the bowlers. The pitch provides swing for the fast bowlers in the first 30, while the spinners find their rhythm in the middle overs. Experts suggest that once the batsmen settle down, they can score runs comfortably. Regarding weather , although it is uncertain when rains may intervene , heavy rains are considered unlikely.

Head-to-head statistics:

A look at the statistics between India and New Zealand adds an interesting dimension to the upcoming encounter:

Total ODI matches: 117

India's win: 59

New Zealand wins: 50

Tied matches: 07

ODI World Cup matches: 10

India's ODI World Cup wins: 04

New Zealand's ODI World Cup wins: 05

Tie match in ODI World Cup: 01

Match Preview - Players to Watch:

The semi-finals promise a thrill , with New Zealand known to up their game in knockout scenarios , while India are riding high on the confidence of nine consecutive wins. Key players to watch include:

New Zealand: Tremendous bowling by Rachin Ravindra , Devon Conway.

India: Captain Rohit Sharma , Virat Kohli , Jasprit Bumrah and all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja. In-form players like Shreyas Iyer ,It is the responsibility of bowlers Mohammed Siraj and Mohammed Shami to live up to India's expectations.