How did the fight between Ravindra Jadeja and his father start? big reveal


Family feud hits the streets!

Team India's all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja has come into controversy, his father has made serious allegations against him.

Jadeja in controversies

Jadeja is accused of staying away from his family and not even talking to his father.


Papa's accusation

Jadeja, reacting to the news, called it one-sided. He also claimed that all this is happening to harm the image of his wife Rivaba.

Jadeja responded

According to reports, Jadeja's father said that the whole dispute started over a hotel. Rivaba wanted to get the hotel named after her.

  How did the controversy start?

Jadeja told his family members to transfer the hotel to his wife. All this started within 2-3 months of their marriage.


Jadeja named the hotel

According to reports, Jadeja's father also said that Rivaba's family is only concerned with Jadeja's money.

Accusations against Rivaba's family

Ravindra Jadeja's father and his sisters live in a flat. Jadeja does not come to his sisters even on the day of Rakhi.