Global Chess League: Ashwin bought the entire team, the team of the legendary spinner will wave the flag in this tournament


Ravichandran Ashwin Global Chess League: Indian cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin has bought a franchise. This league will be played in London in October this year.

Ravichandran Ashwin Global Chess League: Indian cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin has made a big move in the world of investing. Ashwin has acquired co-ownership of American Gambits, a new franchise entering the Global Chess League starting in 2023. The league announced all 6 teams on Monday and said that the second edition of the GCL will be played in London from October 3 to October 12.

Ashwin told the media - We are excited about American Gambits' entry into the chess world. We will focus on redefining the game with a blend of strategic talent and determination. As a co-owner, I am excited to see how this franchise reaches new heights of success.

Which 6 teams will participate?

Let us tell you that in the second season of Global Chess League, Chingari Gulf Titans has been replaced by American Gambits. The names of the remaining 5 teams are Alpine SG Pipers, PBG Alaskan Knights, Gangis Grandmasters, Mumbai Masters and Triveni Continental Kings. Let us tell you that Triveni Continental Kings was the winning team in the first season of GCL, which won the title by defeating Mumbai Masters in the final.

Vishwanathan Anand sent a special message

India's legendary chess player Vishwanathan Anand expressed happiness through a social media post on Ravi Ashwin's contribution in advancing the game of chess. Anand wrote - Congratulations to Ravichandran Ashwin on starting a new journey in the world of chess. You have also outed great players in cricket and I hope that you will also make a significant contribution in raising the level of competition in the Global Chess League through American Gambits. Hopefully your camels and elephants will also destroy everyone like your off-spin balls.