Gautam Gambhir was asked who is the greatest player of India. Leaving Tendulkar, Dhoni, and Kohli, this player's name was taken!


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Former Team India player and MP Gautam Gambhir always remains in the headlines for his statements. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is once again in the headlines for his comments about Mahendra Singh Dhoni during the Asia Cup. Now in an interview, Gautam Gambhir was asked who he considers to be the greatest batsman of all time. Responding to this, Gautam did not take the name of any of Sunil Gavaskar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, or Virat Kohli, see which player's name Gambhir took.

What did Gautam Gambhir say?

Dr. Vivek Bindra is speaking in a show on the YouTube channel Gautam Gambhir about who is the greatest batsman of all time in rapid fire. This time he was given three options, Virat Kohli, Sunil Gavaskar, and Sachin Tendulkar. Out of these, Gautam Gambhir did not select all three. Gautam Gambhir took the name of a different player.

Gautam Gambhir said that Yuvraj Singh is the player whom he considers the greatest. Yuvraj Singh has performed brilliantly in the 2007 T20 World Cup and the 2011 ODI World Cup. Yuvraj won the 'Player of the Tournament' award in 2011. Gautam Gambhir also scored 75 and 97 in both the final matches of the World Cup. As much credit has been given to Sachin Tendulkar, Zaheer Khan, and Dhoni for the World Cup victory, that much credit has not been given to Yuvraj Singh.

Whereas Yuvraj Singh has played 304 matches for India and scored 8701 runs. In this, he has scored 14 centuries and taken 111 wickets. Along with this he played 58 T20 matches and scored 1117 runs taking 28 wickets. Scored 1900 runs in 40 tests at an average of 33.93. Which includes three centuries.