'Fourth umpire is wrong': Angelo Mathews shared video evidence, said- I should not have been given out!


PC: dnaindia

Angelo Mathews has shared a video as 'evidence' to dispute his 'time out' decision during the World Cup 2023 match against Bangladesh at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in New Delhi on Monday, November 6. In a tweet before the 'evidence', he claimed there were still 5 seconds left to fix his helmet when the problem occurred. Mathews wrote, “The fourth umpire is wrong here! Video evidence shows I still had 5 more seconds after the helmet went away! Can the fourth umpire please rectify this? I mean safety is paramount because I could not face the bowler without a helmet.

In the video, Mathews shows that there was a gap of less than two minutes between Sadira Samarawickrama's dismissal and the problem with his helmet. However, fourth umpire Adrian Holdstock believed that two minutes had already passed when Matthews faced helmet problems. The situation worsened and a heated argument broke out between the Bangladesh and Sri Lankan players. Mathews continued to refer to his dismissal while Bangladesh were batting.

In the post-match press conference, Mathews criticized Bangladesh and their captain Shakib Al Hasan, calling their behavior disrespectful. He said that he had followed the two-minute rule to get ready but the equipment malfunctioned.