Fashion show in Team India, all the players including Rohit-Virat walked on the ramp, know who won?


Team India has reached the semi-finals without losing a single match in the World Cup 2023. The secret of this success of the team is the proper bonding between the players. The team management is working hard to ensure that the enthusiasm of the players remains intact. Before the semi-finals, Rohit said that there are many activities for this. In the same press conference, Rohit talked about Team India's fashion show and said that no one outside knew about it till now. 

He said that he did not know whether it was good because some things should be limited only to us. However, now when he told about this himself, people's curiosity was further aroused. This fashion show was a secret. A journalist present at the press conference wanted to know more about the fashion show from Rohit. He asked who won. But Rohit did not answer any such question. 
The fashion show that Rohit mentioned was done by Team India after defeating New Zealand in the league round in Dharamshala. The fashion show was held in Dharamshala, and now once again the same New Zealand is in front of Rohit Sharma's team. This time the challenge is a little bigger because the match is a knockout, in which losing is prohibited.