England batsman hit a double century in 100 balls, scored 200 runs with sixes and fours, this happened for the first time in 134 years

Lewis Kimber's stormy double-century

Lewis Kimber wreaked havoc

Right-handed batsman Lewis Kimber has created history by scoring a double century in just 100 balls in England's County Championship.


Fastest double century

Lewis Kimber has become the fastest player to score a double century in the 134-year history of county cricket.

First double century

Lewis Kimber scored the first double-century of his career. This Leicestershire batsman thrashed the Sussex bowlers.

Scored 200 runs with sixes and fours

Kimber hit 21 sixes and 20 fours in his innings. He scored 206 runs with sixes and fours.

Lewis Kimber became a six-machine

As soon as Lewis Kimber hit the 18th six, he became the player to hit the most sixes in an inning of the County Championship.

Ben Stokes' record broken

Ben Stokes had hit 17 sixes in an innings of the County Championship match while playing for Durham, now Kimber has surpassed him.

Scored a double-century after coming in at number 8

The big thing about Lewis Kimber's innings is that he scored a double-century after coming in at number 8.