Danger looms over Virat Kohli, this New Year's record increases the concern of the team management!


The last match of the 2-Test series between the Indian team and South Africa will be held today (January 3) in Cape Town. The host African team is ahead 1-0 in the series after winning the first match by an innings and 32 runs.

In this respect, the second test is important for the Indian team. If India wins this match then it will level the series 1-1. However, Virat Kohli's poor record in the second Test against South Africa can become a challenge for the victory of the Indian team.

Kohli's record raises concerns for the team. In the first Test of the series played in Centurion, Kohli showed good form and scored 38 and 76 runs in both the innings. However, there is a record against him which has increased the concerns of the team management.

This record is against South Africa

Whenever Kohli has played the first Test match of the year against South Africa, his bat has remained relatively silent. This is a record which is going against him. Kohli has played the first test match against South Africa twice so far. During these matches, he has managed to score 50 or more only once in four innings. This is the record which may have increased the headache of the team management.

It is noteworthy that Kohli has played both of these tests in Cape Town. Kohli scored 79 runs in the Cape Town Test played in 2022. However, the team had to face defeat in that match.

Overall Kohli's record is fine

Overall, Kohli's record is good. Looking at his overall performance in the first Test matches of the year, since his debut in June 2011, Kohli has scored a total of 1125 runs in 12 matches. This includes one double century and two centuries.

Performance in the first test of the year

2012 - 23 & 9 runs, Vs Australia

2013 - 107 runs, Vs Australia

2014 - 4 & 67 runs, Vs New Zealand

2015 - 147 & 46 runs, Vs Australia

2016 - 200 runs, Vs West Indies

2017 - 204 & 38 runs, Vs Bangladesh

2018 - 5 & 28 runs, Vs South Africa

2019 - 23 runs, Vs Australia

2020 - 2 & 19 runs, Vs New Zealand

2021 - 11 & 72 runs, Vs England

2022 - 79 & 29 runs, Vs South Africa

2023 - 12 runs, Vs Australia