Asia Cup: Rohit Sharma is going to break this record, revealed himself!


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India and Pakistan will once again face each other in the Asia Cup 2023 and this high voltage match will take place on September 10. Team India is ready to take on Pakistan by avoiding the mistakes of the last match. In such a situation, before this match, captain Rohit Sharma has publicly said that he will break a record. Hit-Man himself has said that he will break this feat, so fans are also curious. But let's find out which record it is.

What did Rohit Sharma say?

Rohit Sharma's interview is going viral. Rohit was asked about this record. Rohit is one step away from breaking universe boss Chris Gayle's record of most sixes. Do you want to break this record or not? Talking about this, Rohit first laughed and said that if this happens then it will be a unique record. Seeing this, I had never thought in my life that Gayle's record would be broken, after which Rohit started laughing. 

When Rohit was asked about the name Hitman, he said that people should ask this. I am not a strong player but I like to hit the ball hard. As a child, I was taught not to hit the ball in the air. Whoever played big shots was taken out of the net. 

At the same time, Rohit Sharma has hit 539 sixes in 446 matches so far. Chris Gayle has hit a total of 553 sixes in 483 international matches. He has only 14 sixes to hit. At the same time, Rohit Sharma has hit the maximum number of 182 sixes in T20I and Martin Guptill is at second place with 173 sixes. It will be important to see whether Rohit is able to break this record in the Asia Cup itself or not.