Ashok Gehlot has now called it the failure of the central government.


Former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has given his reaction regarding Manipur violence. Ashok Gehlot has expressed his views through social media. In this regard, he tweeted that the news of violence from Manipur in the new year is worrying. Despite almost a year, the central and state governments have failed to control the violence there.

In the past also, there has been a situation of tension in the North East states, but the government always found a solution and normalized it. The ongoing violence is a failure of both the central and state governments.

The Central Government neither tried to know the situation there nor took suggestions from Rahul Gandhi and the delegation of opposition parties who visited Manipur. 

If dialogue had been held with them, better ways could have been found to normalize the situation. The Central and State Governments should immediately talk to all political parties and stakeholders and make efforts to restore peace in Manipur so that the situation becomes normal and the lives of our Manipuri brothers and sisters can be saved.

PC: Patrika

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