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Cricket is clearly one of the most famous sports around the world and also in our country. It's an interesting game to watch, but what's more interesting is the equipment used in cricket. The batsman uses a variety of cricket equipment such as helmets, gloves, and most importantly the bat. Selecting a perfect bat can be extremely difficult. In addition, there are several important factors to consider when selecting a bat, such as wood type, grip, length, and base. Today we are going to give you information about these bats only.

Britain is the only country that has a monopoly on wood for making cricket bats. It is mainly grown in large plantations in wetland areas throughout East Anglia.

You can also find this kind of tree in India, especially in Kashmir. But due to different climatic conditions, willow grown in Kashmir is dense and of low quality.

Therefore, bats from Kashmir willow are considered to be of low quality and unsuitable for professional cricket.


How are bats made?

These willows are first cultivated for making bats. After cultivation, these willows undergo a detailed process:-











1. The wood of which tree is used to make a cricket bat?

Willow wood, specifically the cricket bat is used to make from a variety of white willows called willows.

2. Which wood is used to make cricket bats in India?

Kashmir willow is used to make cricket bats in India. Since these are of low quality, they are considered unsuitable for professional matches. Thus, children's bats are made from Kashmir willow.

Types of bats

English willow

English willow is the only willow that has been selected by foreign cricketers. It has been mass-produced because every professional batsman wants to use the English willow bat. The English willow bat is popular because it is the only willow that gives the cricket bat its contraction and rigidity. English willow is a type of willow found in England. There are mainly five grades (1-5) of English willow bats, the higher grade one being the best quality and having the toughest grain on the bat. But they are a little more expensive than normal bats.

Kashmere Willow

As the name suggests, Kashmere willow is made from cashmere wood. Kashmir willow is a highly sought-after wood in India, where it is used to make cricket bats. Kashmir willow bats differ from English willow bats in appearance as well as reliability. Because Kashmir willow bats are brown in color, we can easily distinguish them from English willow. The Kashmir willow bat is made by hand, so the bat costs a bit more. Kashmir willow bat is very light in weight. The popularity of the Kashmir willow bat is fueling the growth of the market as every newbie loves to play with the Kashmir willow bat.

Softball cricket bats


The softball cricket bat is not used in international cricket and is only used for daily local or street cricket. This bat is made of soft rubber and high-quality wood or fiber. Professional cricketers do not use this type of cricket bat. A softball cricket bat is less expensive than Kashmir willow and English willow. Children use this type of cricket bat to play at home or in the street. However, it can be the biggest tool for kids to develop cricket at an early age. Softball cricket bats are now available for use.

Training cricket bats

A training cricket bat is primarily used as a piece of cricket equipment to help you build up your skill set. Since these bats are not made from willow, they can be made from a producer or English willow or Kashmir willow. This cricket bat is used in pro cricket on the cricket field. These cricket bats come in different sizes and widths. The width of a training cricket bat is usually half that of a regular cricket bat. These types of cricket bats are extremely useful for coaches as they serve as a weapon during training sessions. Cricket bats are also knocked down and oiled during the learning phase.