This batsman got the command of the team at the age of 26, but Dhoni did not pay attention to him!


The Tamil Nadu cricket team, which got eliminated in the very first round of the Ranji Trophy, has now made a mood for change, for the remaining matches in the Tamil Nadu cricket team, it has now changed the captain of its team. Unhappy with the captaincy of Baba Aparajith, the Tamil Nadu cricket team has now reposed its faith in the young face of the team. The Tamil Nadu cricket team has now shown their faith in leg-spinner Sai Kishore and made the 26-year-old batsman their captain. Let us tell you that Sai Kishore was associated with Chennai Super Kings in 2019. But he spent all his time sitting on the bench. Let's know about them in detail -

* Tamil Nadu cricket team has now chosen right-arm leg-spinner Sai Kishore as its captain and is the third captain of this team in the last 12 months. Let us tell you that before Baba Aparajith, the captaincy of the Tamil Nadu cricket team was in the hands of all-rounder Vijay Shankar. 

* Leg-spinner Sai Kishore is surprised by the confidence shown in himself because there was a time when Sai Kishore did not even get a chance to take the field and in the year 2019, Chennai Super Kings bought Sai Kishore for Rs 20 lakhs. . But during that time Mahendra Singh Dhoni did not give him a chance at all in the whole season. Mahendra Singh Dhoni may not have paid attention to him but now this player has become the captain of his home team and is about to take charge of the team.

* Sai Kishore himself is surprised to get the captaincy of the Tamil Nadu cricket team, he said that as a player, I always tried to be a leader at the time of bowling and bowling. Sai Kishore said that this responsibility is good for me, there is no tension among the players of the team and we will try to change the result by working hard.


* Let us tell you that in the first match of the Ranji Trophy, the Tamil Nadu cricket team was defeated by Andhra Pradesh and after that they had to face defeat from Mumbai and Maharashtra cricket team also, in the last 5 matches Tamil Nadu cricket team won even one match.