This Pakistani player told Rohit Sharma and Rishabh Pant fat, said - they are lethargic


The fitness of Pakistani players is often discussed. Pakistani players are also trolled regarding fitness, but now former Pakistani players have raised questions about the fitness of Indian players. 

Salman Butt has called Indian captain Rohit Sharma, and Rishabh Pant fat. After India's defeat at the hands of Australia, Salman Butt described Australia, England, and South Africa as the fittest team compared to India. Salman also targeted Rohit and Rahul.

Indian players overweight

The former Pakistani player said that Indian players are the highest-earning cricketers in the world. They play more matches. Why are they not fit? If we talk about the structure of his body, then the teams of South Africa, Australia, and England are much better.

Some Indian players are overweight. Salman said that I think some Indian players need to work on their fitness because they are very good players.