These seven new rules of ICC will be effective in international cricket from October 1!


The International Cricket Council (ICC) has made several changes in the rules of cricket ahead of the ICC T20 World Cup starting next month. These new rules of the ICC will be effective in international cricket from the date of next month. The same rules will be used in the upcoming T20 World Cup as well. 

Today we are going to give you information about the new rules of ICC. 


When caught out, only the new batsman will take the strike. 

Under the new rules, saliva has now been completely banned.

The new batsman has to start his batting in the stipulated time. He will get two minutes for ODIs and Tests and 90 seconds for T20 cricket.


At the same time, if any fielder is found to be making deliberate or wrongful movement while bowling, then the batting team will be given five runs as a penalty and the ball will also be declared dead. 

The ICC has changed the method of dismissing a non-striker to run out by removing the word Mankading. That is, according to this the batsman will be run out. 

Throw at the striker's end before bowling will now be called a dead ball.