The Indian cricketer who had suddenly disappeared from his house, even after decades, no clue has been found to date


There were many such cricketers on the Indian cricket team, who also like to play tennis. Dhoni-Sachin is also often seen on the tennis court. But we are telling you about the Indian cricketer who had also participated in the prestigious tennis tournament Davis Cup before making his debut in the Indian cricket team. 

We are talking about the batsman Carter Ramaswamy, who made his debut in the Indian Test team in 1936. But before that in 1922, he had played an international tennis match for India. Ramaswamy made his debut in the Indian Test team at the age of 40 years and 37 days. Ramaswamy scored 40 and 60 runs in both the innings in his debut Test match.

Ramaswamy has a record that he also participated in the David Cup, one of the oldest tennis tournaments for the Indian team in 1920. He was a resident of Madras. But it is said that in the last days of his life, he suddenly disappeared from the house. His family members tried hard to find him. But no one came to know anything about him, due to which he was assumed to be dead.