That one-day match, in which only one team scored a score of more than 400, See List



England's team comes first on this list. England broke all the records in the recently played ODI match against the Netherlands and scored a huge score of 498 runs and defeated the Netherlands by 232 runs. 


England's team also comes second on this list. England had scored 481 runs in an ODI against Australia in 2018. 


England's team also comes at number three on this list. The England team had also scored more than 400 runs in an ODI match against Pakistan. In that match, the England team had given a target of 444 runs to Pakistan to win. But the Pakistan team could not win that match.

Sri Lanka 

The Sri Lankan team comes at number four on this list. Sri Lanka did this wonder in the match against the Netherlands. In that match, Sri Lanka's team surprised everyone by making a huge score of 443 runs. 

South Africa 

The South African team has also done this wonder once and comes at number five on this list. In the match against West Indies, South Africa had set a huge target of 439 runs.