T20 World Cup 2024: T20 World Cup will be played with these changes


After defeating Pakistan to become the crown of T20 World Cup 2022, England will have to spend only 15 days to win that ICC has also started preparations for T20 World Cup 2024. Planning has already been done regarding how the matches will be held, how many teams will qualify and in which format the World Cup will be played.

According to the information, the start of the 2024 World Cup will be according to these rules. West Indies and America will host the T20 World Cup to be held in 2024. Both these countries will jointly host it. 20 teams will participate in this World Cup. In such a situation, the format of the World Cup to be held in 2024 has also changed.

20 teams will participate in this World Cup, in which five groups will be formed and 4-4 teams will be placed in each group. After this, the top-2 teams in each group will qualify for the next round. In this way there will be quarterfinal matches between 8 teams.


The winning teams of these matches will play the semi-finals and after that the top two teams will play the finals. The winning team out of these two will be the crown of the 2024 World Cup.