Sports news: Ayush Mishra is becoming popular nowadays for his top cricket analysis in the 'Baazigar' Big Bash League!


Ayush Mishra, popularly known as Baazigar, is known for his predictions in cricket, people who play online games like fantasy cricket, dream 11, etc, because of his accuracy in predicting the results of the winning team Follow them, which are correct on average up to 80% of the time.

Notably, when it comes to Big Bash League, it reaches up to 90-95% accuracy. More than 2 lakh people follow him on Telegram to get accurate predictions.

Let us tell you, Ayush Mishra Baazigar's vast experience in this field and his sincere intention to help people have made him famous today. He always tries to give genuine guidance to those who are quite new in this field. Many people are connecting with him to take his expert advice on his Telegram channel.

For your information, his advice to all fantasy cricket lovers is "If you can get proper knowledge about the ground, then only you can take it to the big level.