Sports News: As soon as the T20 World Cup is over, the effect of these 5 big movements will be seen in Indian cricket!


* BCCI is going to create the first and biggest stir in Indian cricket after the T20 World Cup is over. When he will put out a tender for the rights of the bilateral series.

* After the T20 World Cup, the second big stir is being told about the issue of tender for the purchase of women's IPL franchises.

* And in the third movement after the T20 World Cup is over, transfer windows will now be opened for the 2023 season in the Men's IPL.

* It is being told that the final seal on the broadcast rights of the women's IPL is going to be seen, apart from this there will also be drafts of women cricketers.

* After the end of the T20 World Cup, there is going to be a mini auction of men's cricketers for IPL 2023 in the stir in Indian cricket. In this auction, the franchisees will be able to add players according to their needs.