Sport news: FIFA World Cup 2022: Things to keep in mind while traveling to Qatar


More and more football fans are getting excited as the FIFA World Cup 2022 draws closer to the start date on 20 November in Qatar. Without a doubt, World Cup venues turn into nightclubs where fans party all night long. That's all about to change this year as a result of the Islamic country's stricter rules.

For your information, let us tell you that Qatar's laws and cultural practices, especially the rules around alcohol, drugs, sexuality, and dress code, have been requested by the fans. Speaking of clothing, travelers may want to reconsider their choices in light of the restrictions imposed by Qatar.

If someone doesn't do that and shows too much skin, they could potentially go to jail. Additionally, sleeveless tank tops and shirts with offensive phrases are prohibited, and men who remove their tops entirely risk fines and jail time.

The official tourism website for Qatar states, "Although there is no strict dress code in Qatar, visitors are asked to respect the local lifestyle by refraining from wearing unnecessarily revealing clothing in public." In general, it is recommended that both men and women wear clothing that covers their shoulders and knees."


For your information, the FIFA website echoed this and said that women can wear whatever they want as long as they remain mindful of Qatar's strict restrictions. Modern cameras have been installed in the stadiums to keep an eye on the spectators. 32 teams will participate in the World Cup to be held from 20 November to 18 December. Hosts Qatar will take on Ecuador in the first game.