So this is the secret of Virat Kohli's cheetah-like agility


Former Indian captain Virat Kohli is no less than anyone in terms of fitness even at the age of 34. He is counted among the fittest cricketers in the world. 

Today we are going to tell you the secret of the fitness of Virat Kohli on his birthday.


The secret of fitness of this star cricketer of India is healthy food and a workout. Many people are crazy about him because of his cheetah-like agility on the field. Virat Kohli, who has made his place among the great cricketers of the world, includes two cups of coffee, lentils, quinoa, lots of spinach, lots of vegetables, eggs, and dosa in his diet.


Apart from this, he also consumes almonds, protein bars, and sometimes Chinese food. 

This star cricketer of India does not include sugar and gluten foods in his diet. He also tries to stay away from dairy products. Also, he always works out. Virat Kohli likes to drink alkaline water.