FIFA World Cup 2022: If you break these three rules, you will be jailed, fined


The FIFA World Cup is going to start on 20 November. 32 teams are participating in this world cup and this world cup is going to be held in Qatar this time. By the way, there are millions of fans of this game all over the world and millions of people will also reach Qatar to watch this World Cup, but if you are also going to Qatar, then definitely know about the rules here.



Football lovers visiting here have been asked to take care of Qatar's laws and cultural customs. Here you have to stay away from alcohol, drugs, sex. Not only this, you cannot even wear such clothes from which any part of your body is visible.


Here, if men take off their t-shirts completely, then they may have to go to fine or jail. Women have been advised to wear full clothes. FIFA's website explains what the fixed laws will be and how they will have to be followed.