FIFA World Cup 2022: Cristiano Ronaldo has been associated with controversies


The FIFA World Cup is at its peak at the moment. Every team and team player are doing their best and trying to make their team win. In such a situation, there is also a player whose name has just been added to the new controversy. In such a situation, the player is not only banned from the match, but he will also have to pay a fine as well.


We are talking about football star player and legendary player Cristiano Ronaldo. For information, let us tell you that Ronaldo has been fined and banned for two matches by England's domestic tournament FA Cup. The reason for the fine and ban is that Cristiano Ronaldo snatched and broke a fan's mobile while he was returning after losing the match. After which this decision has been taken.

Actually, Ronaldo plays for the English football club Manchester United. However, this ban will not apply in the World Cup. This ban will remain only in FA tournament matches. For information, let us tell you that after this incident, Ronaldo had also apologized.