Cricket will be seen in 2028 Olympics, so many teams will take part!


The International Cricket Council is now making constant efforts to get this game a place in the Olympics. If everything goes well, T20 cricket will be entered in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. According to reports, efforts have been intensified by the ICC to include T20 cricket in the 2028 Olympics.

Cricket has got a place in the Olympic Games only once. A test match was organized between Britain and France in the 1900 Olympics. A proposal of 6-6 teams in women and men has been presented by the International Cricket Council. Under this, two groups of 3-3 teams will be formed.


Which six teams will get admission in the Olympic Games, it will be decided on the basis of ICC ranking. A decision on whether T20 cricket will be included in the 2028 Olympics is expected to be taken in September next year.