Zinc Deficiency: Zinc deficiency secretly affects health adversely, these are the signs in the body


Many times zinc is deficient in our diet, which has a bad effect on health. In today's busy life, due to poor diet, less use of soil, and more consumption of junk food, it is common to have zinc deficiency in the body.


Zinc is an essential mineral for our body. It plays an important role in strengthening the immune system, healing wounds, and division of healthy cells. But, sometimes zinc is deficient in our diet, which has a bad effect on health.

In today's busy life, zinc deficiency in the body is common due to an unbalanced diet, less use of clay, and more consumption of junk food. There can be many symptoms of zinc deficiency in the body, but it is difficult to recognize these symptoms in the beginning. Let us know about some hidden signs of zinc deficiency.

Frequent infections

Zinc helps in strengthening the immune system. Its deficiency makes it difficult for the body to fight infections, due to which colds, coughs, ear infections, etc. can occur repeatedly.

Delay in wound healing

Zinc also plays an important role in the wound-healing process. Its deficiency can cause the body to take longer to heal wounds.

Hair loss and skin problems

Zinc is essential for healthy skin and hair. Its deficiency can cause symptoms like hair loss, dry skin, acne, and skin lesions.

Loss of appetite and weight loss

Zinc helps control appetite and maintain taste sensation. Its deficiency can lead to loss of appetite and weight loss.

Decreased sense of smell

Zinc affects the sense of taste and smell. Its deficiency can cause food to taste bland and can also reduce the ability to smell.

Poor night vision

Severe zinc deficiency can cause poor night vision.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then definitely contact the doctor. The doctor can check the zinc level by doing a blood test.