Zika virus fear in Pune: 6 cases including 2 pregnant women reported!


The threat of Zika virus is increasing in Pune. 6 cases of infection have been reported in the city, including 2 pregnant women. This is a matter of concern for the health department, as the Zika virus can be dangerous for pregnant women and their fetuses.


There has been a stir in Pune city of Maharashtra due to the detection of 6 cases of Zika virus. Two of these are pregnant women. According to the Health Department, a 28-year-old pregnant woman in Erandwane area of ​​Pune has been found infected with Zika virus. The woman's report has come positive. Apart from this, another 12-week pregnant woman living in Mundhwa area has also been found to be infected with Zika virus.

At present, the condition of both the women is stable and they are undergoing treatment. The health department has started a campaign to kill mosquitoes in the surrounding areas and prevent their breeding. Let us tell you that this virus spreads due to the bite of Aedes mosquito and it can have serious consequences, especially for pregnant women and their fetus. Let us know in detail the symptoms and prevention methods of Zika virus.

Symptoms of Zika virus

Symptoms of Zika virus are usually mild and may include fever, headache, muscle pain, fatigue, rash and redness in the eyes. However, Zika virus can be dangerous for pregnant women as it can cause birth defects, including microcephaly (small head).

Zika virus cases in Pune

In all the cases of Zika virus reported in Pune, the patients had mild symptoms like fever, headache and muscle pain. Health officials have done fogging in the homes of the patients and the surrounding areas to kill mosquitoes.

How to prevent Zika virus

The most important thing to prevent Zika virus is that you avoid mosquito bites. For this, use the following methods.

* Use mosquito repellent cream or spray.

* Wear full-sleeved clothes and trousers.

* Use mosquito nets on windows and doors.

* Remove stagnant water around your house, where mosquitoes can breed.

Pregnant women should take special precautions

Pregnant women should take special precautions to protect themselves from mosquitoes. They should regularly use mosquito nets and wear fully covering clothes when going out of the house. Pregnant women should immediately contact a doctor for any symptoms of Zika virus.

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