YouTube: YouTube made a big change in its monetization policy, now creators will be able to earn money from these videos..


YouTube has recently made a major change in its monetization policy. Creators can now monetize adult content including videos that feature breastfeeding and non-sexual nudity during certain dance moves.


The company has made it clear that it is necessary for a child to be present in such a video. Breastfeeding videos could only be made money if the areola were not visible. According to the new policy, money can be earned from areola even if it is visible.

You will not be able to earn money from such videos
YouTube will ban videos that do not show babies breastfeeding. Now it has to be mentioned in the video whether the child is breastfeeding or is actively breastfeeding. The platform aims to provide creators the opportunity to monetize content that has been recognized as a helpful resource for parents.

The company is bringing the new policy after feedback from users. The company has said that there are many parents who like to watch content related to breastfeeding on YouTube. Now in such a situation, the company is offering monetization to the creators on its platform. If nudity is promoted in any video, it will be removed from the platform.

The ban on these videos will continue
Regarding dance-related content, YouTube is lifting restrictions on videos featuring certain movements like grinding or twerking, making them eligible for ad revenue. The platform will continue to ban the monetization of dance videos that feature deliberate and repetitive shots of the breasts, buttocks, or genitalia, extremely minimal clothing, and erotic movements that mimic sexual acts.


All content must comply with YouTube's Community Guidelines and Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines to qualify for monetization.
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