YouTube Update: A new sleep feature is coming, playing videos will stop automatically..


A big feature is coming for YouTube's Android users. The name of this feature is Sleep, and although it is already on desktop and TV it is being released for Android devices as well. After the arrival of this feature, the videos will automatically go into sleep mode after a fixed time. Let us tell you that YouTube has recently released the Notes feature.


According to the Android Authority report, this feature of YouTube is currently being tested. After the arrival of this feature of YouTube Android, you will be able to set a sleep timer, after which the videos will automatically stop at the time set by you.


The new feature has been seen on version number 19.25.33 of YouTube's Android APK. According to the update, you will also get a notification before the video stops. After getting the notification, you will also be able to reset the timer. Let us tell you that YouTube has taken big action against the ad blocker and blocked the ad blocker forever. If a user uses an ad blocker, the video will be automatically paused.

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