YouTube Update: This Google feature is coming to YouTube, searching for videos will now be fun..


Google's video-sharing platform YouTube is a popular app presented by every second smartphone user's phone. Some part of the smartphone user's day is spent with this app.

With a large user base, new experiences keep happening to improve the user experience on YouTube. New features are also introduced for the users.


In this episode, very soon the user is going to get the facility of Google Lens button on YouTube. Google's visual lookup tool is being added to the top panel of the search bar in the YouTube app for Android users.

How will the Google Lens button work in YouTube
With the Google Lens button, YouTube users will be able to click a photo of any object and search for it on the video-streaming platform.

This feature is currently being rolled out for users. That is, this feature will be seen on YouTube gradually.

The new tool will be available for updating YouTube app

According to a report by 9to5Google, along with updating the YouTube app, the Google Lens button will be seen in it. This button will be used with image search apart from typing for videos.

With the help of the microphone button, the user can also check a search term by speaking it.


How does Google Lens work?
Talking about Google Lens, after clicking a photo of an object with this tool, it is searched on the Internet with similar images.

With the help of this tool, more than 100 languages ​​can be translated in real-time. This tool comes with optical character recognition functionality. With this feature, text can be identified in the image.

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