YouTube Trick: Listen to your favorite YouTuber in your language, turn on this setting in the video..


Google's video-sharing platform YouTube is quite popular not only in India but also outside the country. Every internet user is spending some part of his day on this platform.


If you also use YouTube, then this information will make your heart happy.

The fun should not be spoiled because of the language.
Actually, many users on YouTube like to watch the content of foreign YouTubers. In such a situation, the fun of the content gets spoiled because of the language.

However, a special feature is offered to such users on YouTube. This could be a magical setting for these users.
Which settings to use on YouTube

Along with playing YouTube videos, the video can be listened to in your own language. If the video is dubbed in a language other than the original language, then this option will be available in the video settings.

This feature can be searched by the name Audio Track. For example, a video playing in English can be heard in Hindi.

How to use the audio track feature on YouTube
     First of all, you have to search the video of a foreign YouTuber on YouTube.


     Now as the video plays, you have to click on the settings icon on the top right corner.

     Now you have to click on the Audio Track option.

     Now you have to select your language from the list.

     Now after selecting the language, the video being played will start playing in your language.

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