YouTube Creator Tips: How to record better selfie videos with smartphone? Know important tips here..


Nowadays many people create their own videos or blogs and post them on YouTube. In such a situation, we often face many problems in making a correct and good video. So today we have brought some tips for you, with the help of which you can easily make a great selfie video with the help of your phone.


You can post these videos anywhere as per your need. Let us know how to make a great video from your phone.

Lighting is important
If you are making a video, then take special care that the light around you is good so that your face is clearly visible.

If the lighting is bad then there will be glare in your video and the video will not appear clearly.

You have to take care that the light is not shining on your face but on the side because this will not make you clearly visible to people.

Take care of the camera facing
When you are making a video, also keep in mind that you will have to keep your face as per the level of your phone.

Apart from this, keep your eye level at the level of the camera, neither look too high nor too low.

Along with this, while making the video, talk normally and try to connect with the audience. Moving too much or making faces has a negative effect.

Take care of the background
This is an important point, which you have to keep in mind. Always choose a clean background so that the audience can focus on you. If there are more people in the background then it can cause distraction to the audience.

Apart from this, also take care of background sound and noise, if not necessary then stay away from any loud background sound. By doing this you can easily convey your message to your followers.

Which camera is correct?
Companies provide good cameras in their new phones. Even now in some devices, you get the option of an AI camera. In such a situation, if you buy a good phone then it will be right for you.

Apart from this, the rear camera of any phone is better than the front camera. In such a situation, you can easily make a good-quality video using it.


After making the video, it is important to edit it in the right way. In such a situation, if you do not know how to use any tool, then there are many such apps that give you the option to edit your video on the phone itself.

You can edit it using this app.

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