You can get sick if you suddenly go from hot sun to AC, what should you do to avoid it?


AC and Health Problems: When the temperature outside the house crosses 45 degrees Celsius, one feels like quickly resorting to air conditioning. In such a situation, when we suddenly go from the scorching sun to an AC room, it can have a very bad effect on health. This happens because our body is unable to adapt to the sudden change of temperature immediately and then responds negatively. Let us know from Dr. Imran Ahmed, a former resident of IHBAS Hospital Delhi, how to avoid this problem. 


Problems caused by going from sun to AC

1. Cold and cough

Sudden changes in temperature can weaken the body's immunity, increasing the risk of catching a cold and cough.

2. Sore throat

After sweating in the sun, going into the AC can dry out the throat and cause a sore throat. Cold air affects the mucus membrane of the throat.

3. Headache

Sudden changes in temperature can cause headaches. When you go from heat to cold, the blood vessels become narrow, which leads to the feeling of headache.

4. Body ache and fatigue

Sudden changes in body temperature can cause muscle tension and fatigue, which leads to body aches.

Ways to avoid it

1. Change the temperature gradually

Before going from the sun to an AC room, try to stay in the shade or at normal temperature for some time. This will give the body time to change the temperature.

2. Stay hydrated

In summer, we sweat a lot, which can lead to dehydration. Drinking adequate water keeps the body hydrated and enables it to deal with the change in temperature.

3. Wear loose and light clothes

Wear loose and light clothes while staying in the sun so that the sweat dries quickly and the body stays cool. This will reduce the effect of temperature change when you go into the AC.

4. Change the AC temperature gradually

Do not turn the AC to very cold suddenly. Slowly reduce the temperature so that the body gets time to adapt. A temperature of 24-26 degrees Celsius would be ideal.

5. Switch off the AC from time to time

While using the AC, turn it off at intervals and open the windows to freshen the air in the room. This will maintain freshness and there will be no sudden change in temperature.

6. Keep the body covered

Keep your head and ears covered while going from sun to AC. For this, you can use a cap or scarf. This will reduce the effect of cold air.

7. Take natural air

As far as possible, take advantage of natural air. It is better to use a fan or cooler instead of getting used to AC.

8. Go out from time to time

If you are staying in AC for a long time, then go out in between and get freshness. This will help the body to adapt to the outside temperature.

Disclaimer: Dear reader, thank you for reading this news. This news has been written only to make you aware. We have taken the help of home remedies and general information in writing this. If you read anything related to your health anywhere, then definitely take expert advice before adopting it.