You can also get glowing skin with a saffron face mask, learn 3 masks to get beautiful skin


We all know how expensive saffron is in the whole world. It is the most fragrant spice in the world. It is expensive because its production is very expensive. Saffron is derived from a flower named Crocus sativus, which is found in Europe and Asia and is found abundantly in India. Not only is it used in cooking, but it also has many benefits for the skin, about which we are going to tell you today. It can give you glowing glowing skin.


#saffron and sandalwood pack

Saffron and sandalwood face pack is very beneficial for improving the skin tone and making it glow. Sandalwood helps in making the skin even and saffron helps in making it glow.


face pack:

Take 1 tbsp sandalwood powder.

Put 2-3 threads of saffron in it.

After this take 2 spoons of raw milk.

Make a face pack by mixing all the ingredients.

Apply this pack and leave it on for 20 minutes.

Wash it off with normal water.

#saffron and rose water-

Saffron and rose water act as a toner for this winter season. This will help to tighten the skin pores and make the skin even and glowing.

face pack:

Take some saffron threads and soak them in rose water.

Use that rose water as a toner.

Apply it with the help of cotton.

Leave it on the face.

#saffron and honey

This face pack is excellent for moisturizing the skin and making it clear and glowing. Honey has anti-bacterial properties that help in clearing the skin and also remove acne and blemishes. Saffron is known to enhance the complexion and make the skin glow.

face pack:

Take 3-4 saffron threads.

Mix saffron threads in honey.

Let the strands soak for a few hours.

Apply honey on the face.

Massage it for 5 minutes and leave it for 10 minutes.

Wash it off with normal water.